Top 8 Cannabis Dispensary Designers You Need to Know

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Top 8 Cannabis Dispensary Designers You Need to Know

Start your cannabis business with a highly efficient and profit-grabbing dispensary design and layout plans from these expert dispensary designers.

Cannabis is a hot topic, even for those who don’t use it. From what was once tagged as a “black market,” both the cannabis industry and cannabis dispensary design have turned out as a wildly competitive marketplace. 

As legalization movements expand into several states allowing the sale of medical and recreational cannabis, cannabis has become more accessible for people to drive over and make their purchases. With the cannabis industry’s huge consumer market and its market value which is expected to triple to over $30 billion by 2025, cannabis dispensaries have opened up a new opportunity that entrepreneurs are starting to take advantage of. 

No wonder, cannabis is turning to be the “gold rush” in today’s marketplace, and dispensary design standards are also growing in popularity. 

If you’ve planned to open a cannabis dispensary, take note that it is not for the faint of heart, nor is it an easy feat. It requires a lot of hard work, time, and effort, not to mention the huge amount of starter capital.  But if you’re an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and face complex challenges, starting a cannabis dispensary – especially in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other states which just legalized cannabis – is a great opportunity. 

Operating a cannabis dispensary is where one can pioneer in what is soon to be a massive, multibillion-dollar business that’s poised to grow into a profitable, ever-evolving industry. 

Cannabis Dispensary Design Matters

Cannabis dispensaries are safe, regulated establishments that require strict compliance with laws and regulations. 

When considering how to start a cannabis dispensary, one question that most ask is, “What dispensary design layout plan should I consider?” 

As a dispensary business owner, you want customers to have a pleasant experience and make your customers feel at home. Whether they need to buy something specific or looking around, encourage them to browse and make a purchase. 

It’s important to create a positive dispensary experience for cannabis customers, get creative with your store’s vibe, and be strategic about merchandising your cannabis.

With a well-designed workflow, you can guide customers as they move through your store and provide them with a wonderful and authentic experience. 

Three of the most critical factors to consider when starting a dispensary for the first time includes: 

  • What cannabis layout plan inspires the most purchases?
  • How to design a dispensary that appeals to your customers?
  • How to create a wonderful cannabis dispensary experience?

With a premier retail cannabis dispensary, you can elevate society’s perceptions of cannabis and its users, while protecting your investment at the same time.

Don’t worry since you don’t need to start your design from scratch. You just have to tap into the experience of cannabis business designers and architects for interior design considerations and standards.

Architects and cannabis interior designers are already taking the look of dispensaries to a new level. They assist people in starting a cannabis dispensary and established brands to create the best look and feel for their cannabis dispensary.

Our Top 8 Dispensary Designers

Here are the best dispensary designers who have already provided unparalleled expertise in the cannabis industry. Each of their dispensary layout plans and dispensary interior design showcases the impact of a well-designed interior and its impact on their client’s businesses and customers.

1. MJ12 Design Studio 

MJ12 Design Studio helps clients turn their visions into reality. Their services go beyond that of a typical architectural firm. They offer turnkey solutions such as full licensing application assistance, construction support from concept to project completion, project cost estimating, and property condition assessments.

With their deep understanding of the cannabis industry, cultivation methodologies, processing, extraction, infusion, and support amenities, ensure that dispensary facilities get to maximize their operations. 

One thing that makes their approach different is their MAST approach to design which is realized through rigorous Method (M), authenticity (A), Sustainability (S), and Technology (T). 

2. CLC Design Studio

For new and experienced businesses who need help in the cannabis industry, count on women-owned interior design firm CLC Design Studios assistance and expertise. What we really like about CLC Design Studio is their holistic approach, working with you on the details far before design plans are drafted up. They provide building and zoning code analysis, site location assistance, budget and schedule development, and interior design services for their clients. 

CLC Design Studios founder, Christina, is an excellent strategic partner with years of experience navigating the ins and outs of opening a dispensary. Her entire team has provided design assistance and consultation to projects in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Missouri. 

3. High Road Design Studio  

Dozens of legal recreational and medical cannabis dispensary markets in the US have counted on High Road Design Studio’s exceptional interior design and branding solutions. Their unparalleled retail designs ushered the cannabis industry onto Main Street and into the mainstream. 

Entrepreneurs starting a dispensary in New Jersey and other states can count on their expertise in dispensary space planning, dispensary interior design, and dispensary branding solutions. 

4. Harka Architecture 

Taking great pride in the energy concern and carbon footprint of marijuana grow operations, Harka Architecture offers innovative design, healthy, and attractive design that inspires a better world and thoughtful lifestyle. Through their commitment to creating inspiring spaces with the lowest carbon footprint possible, they get to empower environmentally responsible and toxin-free lifestyles. 

One can count on Harka Architecture’s experience throughout the project dispensary design and permitting processes. They are also available to help business owners who need assistance in legalizing their existing cannabis projects. 

5. MerJ Architecture 

MerJ Architecture designs custom-tailored spaces that focus on customer experience, security, flow, and efficiency. The company, composed of a team of architects, designers, and experts, is exclusively dedicated to the cannabis industry. 

Their expertise in the rapidly-changing world of cannabis regulations and the technology of high-performance cultivation, extraction, processing, and testing laboratories are vital factors in the success of a cannabis dispensary business. 

6. The McBride Company 

Setting to innovate the Cannabis Retail Industry, The McBride Company believes that what makes a Cannabis Brand successful is more than just good interior design. They’ve assisted early innovators in creating a uniquely branded cannabis retail experience.  

The company specializes in strategic planning, comprehensive interior and architectural design, and development coordination for innovative projects. They’ve designed several dispensaries, consumption lounges, and a thematic Cannabis experience. One of their most notable projects was Pineapple Express, regarded as the best-designed dispensaries in the US. 

7. Sun Grown Studio

Grow your cannabis and hemp dream business with elevated interior design with the help of Sun Grown Studio. Your stunning cannabis dispensary is made possible through renderings, virtual consultations, and custom-designed plans. 

With their expertise in medical and recreational cannabis retail, you can ensure that your space reflects your mission, brand, and unique style. They help create a luxurious and functional layout, healing and fun environments, that flourishes beyond the common dispensary model. The company works in all states where cannabis is legal. 

8. SevenPoint Interiors

SevenPoint Interiors bring premium retail design and manufacturing to the cannabis industry. Their team of experienced cannabis dispensary interior design professionals will bring your concept to life and capture your brand personality. Their completed projects and concept designs showcase their expertise in retail planning, furniture, and cannabis display design while keeping their client’s budget in mind. If you need a turnkey solution, 

Let SevenPoint Interiors’s complete package of services from concept to installation work for you.

Starting a Marijuana Dispensary in 2021

The cannabis industry is on a roll and is poised to expand into several new markets. We can also expect more awe-inspiring dispensary designs to emerge as cannabis dispensary design continues to expand and innovate. 

The future of what a cannabis dispensary can be is for you to create. As cannabis entrepreneurs open their doors, you can’t afford to waste precious time, money, and resources on a poor dispensary layout. Your store’s layout has to be right for your customers and also the functionality of your business operation. 

With an effective dispensary layout, you have a better chance of running a  successful, lucrative dispensary. 

As customer experience plays a huge factor in how a dispensary layout looks, it’s also interesting to see how entrepreneurs will continue to take matters to greater heights considering buyer’s preferences, cultural adaptations, and the pandemic in its entity.

Working with cannabis-specific dispensary and interior designers saves you more time and money. With their distinct market focus, from concept through construction and operation, you can capitalize on the benefits of design, branding, and more. Their expertly tailored approach, breathtaking design concepts, and innovative retail strategies will provide you benefits to your return on investment year after year. 

And as you start to open your cannabis dispensary, ensure that you are operating safely and legally. 

For assistance and solutions, our team of experienced Cannabis Attorneys at Moriconi Flowers will assist you at all stages of your cannabis business journey.


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