Practice Areas

Insurance Defense

Moriconi Flowers represents insurance companies in matters arising from third party claims against policies. We also help both major nationwide carriers and regional insurers resolve disputes involving policyholders. Our lawyers provide services that include written opinions, claim negotiations, arbitration and litigation. We serve as counsel to several insurance companies, as well as consultants on specific matters.

Commercial Litigation and business services

We routinely advise clients that full-blown litigation is typically the least efficient approach available for the resolution of business, corporate or commercial disputes. Nevertheless, there are times when sound pretrial litigation strategies can help develop and strengthen the bargaining leverage that can drive a positive settlement. There are also times when presenting your full case at trial is the best way to protect your interests against an intransigent or misguided opponent.

Regulated Cannabis

Moriconi Flowers handles regulated cannabis business services nationwide and abroad. However, its practice is focused on Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The passage of Pennsylvania’s Act 16 and the prospect of commercial marijuana regulation in New Jersey present opportunities, but also demands extraordinary regulation.  Our attorneys have been practicing in the regulated cannabis space since 2014 – two years prior to passage of Act 16 and are part of the professional wave that is washing over the regulated cannabis industry on the East Coast. 


Moriconi Flowers represents a wide range of clients, including independent business owners, sole proprietors, third-party logistics companies (3PLs), freight forwarders, shippers and receivers located throughout the U.S. in Pennsylvania and New Jersey jurisdictions.

Our landlord/tenant practice concentrates in representing residential and commercial landlords in all landlord/tenant matters. We are known for our effective work with evictions and collection of past due rents. We are capable of handling your landlord & tenant issues throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Once a money judgment has been obtained and the appeal period has expired, debt collection is pursued through all allowable legal means, such as bank garnishments, wage attachment or levying the tenant’s property.

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