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Moriconi Flowers Ltd. provides comprehensive legal services and consulting tailored specifically for pharmacies, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations while optimizing operational efficiency and growth.


At Moriconi Flowers Ltd., our Pharmacy Legal Services & Consulting address the unique needs of pharmacies and healthcare providers. Our comprehensive services are designed to ensure that your pharmacy operates smoothly, complies with all regulatory requirements, and thrives in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape. We offer expert legal and consulting guidance across a variety of areas critical to the successful operation and growth of your pharmacy. From general healthcare legal services to operational and business planning services, our team provides the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of pharmacy law and regulation.

From licensing, permitting, real property acquisition, zoning, community support strategies, corporate team building and governance, business structure formation, and compliance – our marijuana lawyers form the building blocks for long-term successful cannabis entities.

Who we work with

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities interested in creating joint ventures or establishing in-house pharmacies.

Independent pharmacies requiring assistance with compliance, operational assessments, and strategic planning.

Pharmacists and pharmacies needing support with licensing, collaborative practice agreements, and regulatory compliance.

Healthcare providers aiming to negotiate and implement collaborative practice agreements.

Pharmaceutical companies requiring legal services for compliance, intellectual property protection, and strategic partnerships.

Hospital pharmacies seeking to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and improve patient care.

Healthcare organizations looking to integrate pharmacy services into their care models and enhance patient outcomes

Healthcare organizations looking to integrate pharmacy services into their care models and enhance patient outcomes

Key Pharmacy Legal & Consulting Services

Getting Started and Legal Setup

If you’re launching a new pharmacy or expanding your current operations, laying a strong foundation is essential. Our services cover everything from forming your business entity and securing necessary permits and licenses to handling real estate transactions and protecting your intellectual property. We also draft and negotiate contracts, ensuring compliance with privacy and data security regulations, and resolve disputes through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Enhancing Pharmacy Business Operations

To maintain a competitive edge, optimizing your pharmacy’s day-to-day operations is crucial. We provide a comprehensive review of your pharmacy’s current performance, focusing on immediate operational improvements. This includes areas such as facility design, automation implementation or enhancements, service consolidation, staffing efficiency, and inventory management. We help identify new revenue streams and streamline your organizational structure. We also assist with adopting the latest technology to enhance efficiency and protecting your pharmacy from drug diversion threats.

Non-PBM Revenue

It’s important to your pharmacy’s survival to increase your percentage of non-PBM revenue as high as possible. When PBMs control over 95% of your revenue, you’ve lost control of your pharmacy. You are bound by their rules, payments terms, audits, fees, clawbacks, and ever-changing contracts.

We have experience identifying the non-PBM services that are right for your operation (for example, performing and billing Collaborative Care Services such as Remote Patient Monitoring and Transitional Care services).

We help you implement these practices, creating niche services for your operation, making you part of the patient’s care team, and providing a measurable improvement in patient outcomes, all with a reasonable return on investment 

Navigating Regulations and Ensuring Compliance

Staying compliant with regulations is vital to avoid penalties and disruptions. Moriconi Flowers Ltd. offers representation and helps manage relationships with boards and payors. We provide proactive measures to ensure routine inspections don’t escalate into serious issues and assist with responding to investigations and disciplinary actions. Our expertise spans all compliance areas, including dispensing practices, staffing ratios, inventory discrepancies, HIPAA breaches, and more. For specific HIPAA compliance needs, our HIPAA Support helps you develop and implement compliance plans, analyze data breaches, and conduct annual staff training. Additionally, our PBM Support ensures that your pharmacy is compliant with pharmacy benefit manager regulations and can effectively negotiate and manage these crucial relationships. For those needing help with controlled substances, our DEA Support offers guidance on compliance with Drug Enforcement Administration regulations, preventing and responding to issues related to controlled substances.

Strategic Planning for Growth

When planning for long-term growth and expansion, strategic planning is essential. We offer forward-looking strategies that encompass comprehensive business planning, sales and marketing optimization, and reviewing delivery systems. We help structure your business for future expansion and investment opportunities, providing due diligence and valuation for successful transactions. This includes forming advisory boards and establishing pharmacy/nursing home partnerships, whether through joint ventures or wholly owned pharmacies. This service is focused on positioning your business for sustainable growth and preparing for future market opportunities. 

Facilitating Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exits

If you’re considering merging, acquiring, or exiting your business, our Exit Support services ensure a smooth transition. We help you prepare for business exit, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, and provide comprehensive support throughout the process, ensuring all aspects are handled efficiently and effectively.

Adding Pharmacy to Your Patient Care Services

Whether you create a 100% service provider-owned pharmacy start-up or partner in a joint venture, there are a number of benefits to creating an ancillary pharmacy division, which fall into 4 types of improvements:

  • Improved patient health outcomes: pharmacy is a key contributor to the overall health and outcomes of your patients – creating your own pharmacy allows you to proactively manage Pharmacy’s impact on patient health
  • Improved financial performance: adding a pharmacy allows operators to turn a substantial expense into a profit center. 
  • Improved legal and regulatory compliancemanaging pharmacy operations is a critical component to meet inspection requirements.
  • Improved customer service: creating an ancillary pharmacy division provides a customer service advantage over your competition.

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