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Moriconi Flowers Ltd. offers efficient legal resolution for business, corporate or commercial disputes, as well as effective contract drafting, solid pretrial litigation strategies, and reliable court representation to protect your business interests. Find out more about our Commercial Litigation & Business Services today.


As a business owner, there is always a risk of being involved in litigation. It is simply one of the inevitable challenges that come with growing a business. Here at Moriconi Flowers, our Philadelphia commercial litigation & business services are accomplished at resolving diverse cases of business torts, contract breaches, dispute settlements, insurance defenses, and products liability or warranty claims. 

In addition to our commercial litigation and representation services, the commercial litigators of Moriconi Flowers also excel in handling matters concerning business formation and dissolution. This includes contract drafting and review, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and proper tax classification. 

Through the years, we have seen time and again that the majority of breaches and disputes could have been avoided if only business owners had received sound legal advice as they built their businesses from the ground up, beginning with conscientious contract drafting, setting avoidance strategies in place, and containment when it becomes necessary.

The business attorneys at Moriconi Flowers routinely advise clients that full-blown litigation is typically the least efficient course of action in resolving business, corporate or commercial disputes. It is our practice to always take a more sophisticated approach that would ensure the preservation or recovery of a business’s value. 

Nevertheless, there are instances when sound pretrial litigation strategies can strengthen the bargaining leverage that can drive a positive settlement. Moreover, there are also times when presenting your full case at trial is the best way to protect your interests against an inflexible or misguided opponent.

Most of our current clients are long-standing establishments in the local area, some of which first came to us when they were forming their businesses. Using our legal advice and business services, they were able to set a stable foundation for their enterprise with them concentrating on scaling their operations, and us focusing on their various legal requirements. This valuable experience in helping local businesses take root and flourish has provided us with a unique perspective in providing legal support to business owners at different stages of their growth.

Services we provide


Breach of contract

We provide guidance and representation to those who are involved in a breach of contract in business disputes. Depending on what is stipulated in the contract in question, the business attorneys at Moriconi Flowers will strategize a win-win resolution for the arbitration process to avoid going to court. We can also provide court representation in the event the negotiation fails to yield a favorable result. 

Trade secrets, non-competition or non-solicitation claims

Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements are designed to protect the intellectual property and trade secrets of a business in the event of a company transition or employee departure. Moriconi Flowers can support your business in drafting agreements that will protect your interest, or pursue a resolution or compensation in the event of a violation of these contracts. 


Shareholder derivative actions

If a corporation refuses to take action against a party (usually also part of the corporation) that is reportedly causing harm to it, one or more of its shareholders is permitted to sue on the corporation’s behalf. The majority of these derivative suits are settled before reaching a trial. Moriconi Flowers can help you propose and negotiate a suitable settlement.

Corporate or partnership disputes within closely-held companies

Disputes within closely-held corporations like family businesses or SMEs, could easily halt operations and jeopardize its growth and future. The business dispute attorneys at Moriconi Flowers are experts at seeking an amicable settlement while prioritizing the company’s continued operations.


Unfair competition, commercial disparagement or advertising torts

Commercial disparagement and false advertising are two sides of a coin in unfair competition practices. If you are a business whose product or reputation has been slandered by an individual or an organization, or you are a consumer who has been deceived by false claims of a product or service, we can assist in seeking a resolution, settlement, or in litigation.

Products liability or warranty claims

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can be held liable for injuries or harm caused by a product and are also responsible for upholding their promised warranties. Victims of a defective product have the right to seek damages. In most cases, products liability claims and warranty claims are settled before a trial to avoid further damage to the business. If you and others are seeking damages because of bodily harm or financial loss due to a defective product or a warranty claim that’s not been honored, Moriconi Flowers can help you navigate the requirements, arbitration, and litigation.


Civil actions related to conversion, check fraud, employee theft or embezzlement

Embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, and similar misdeeds are considered theft by the law. These types of crimes can cause serious harm to an employer or business, but they can be somewhat difficult to prove in court. Moriconi Flowers can assist in building the case and seeking restitution for the aggrieved party. 

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