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Moriconi Flowers is a law firm focused on the success of your business. We are at the forefront of emerging markets and dedicated to applying decades of legal expertise to for any business seeking to start, expand, acquire, or merge. With well over 30 years of combined law practice at law firms large and small, Justin Moriconi and Ted Flowers formed Moriconi Flowers Ltd. in 2016 to serve 21st century industries at more competitive prices than most firms, with a focus on serving each individual client with the utmost attention. Moriconi Flowers’ deep commitment to strong character complements the firm’s clientele, many of which are elite performers within their respective expertise. Moriconi Flowers provides confidential legal services to individuals, corporate clients, business owners, family offices, and investment groups for their commercial business, regulated substance licensing and compliance, corporate formation, due diligence, negotiation, and business needs.


Practice Areas

Moriconi Flowers handles regulated cannabis and hemp legal business services nationwide and abroad. However, our prime transactional and litigation practice focuses on Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland and the eastern seaboard of the United States. Recent passage of medical and adult-use cannabis legislation across these states present opportunities, but also demand extraordinary regulation. Moriconi Flowers can answer the questions new entrants and existing operators may have about expanding in the East Coast, such as: How do you open a cannabis business? What are the first/next steps? How can you smoothly set up a multi-state operation that keeps compliance throughout the whole operation? But the Firm can also answer the more nuanced questions: How much capital am I going to need? What is the best property and location for my business? How do I structure my entities and protect myself? How much tax liability may I be facing on the federal, state, and local level? What are the best methods for entry into a new jurisdiction?

In fact, Moriconi Flowers has been practicing in the regulated cannabis and hemp space since 2014 and also serve as cannabis business owners in multiple states. With both legal and business acumen in this emerging market, we understand the entire process. The Firm has strong stable of technical writers and litigators who handle the competitive permitting process for new businesses. As a Regulated Cannabis Lawyer for Businesses, we provide guidance to clients in the following areas: Application Drafting and Submittal; Regulatory Compliance; Business Plan Development; Certification of Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprises; Contracts and Agreements; Grant Funding; Union, Insurance and Banking connections.

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Our business lawyers provide a variety of legal services, advice, and guidance to enable business owners to run their companies successfully while staying compliant with local business regulations.  We can review and help with Business Contracts & Agreements, Legal Documents, and NDA’s. Our attorneys have experience related to sales, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations, document preparation and identification of sources of financing for transactional matters.

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We routinely advise clients that full-blown litigation is typically the least efficient approach available for the resolution of business, corporate or commercial disputes. Nevertheless, there are times when sound pretrial litigation strategies can help develop and strengthen the bargaining leverage that can drive a positive settlement. There are also times when presenting your full case at trial is the best way to protect your interests against an intransigent or misguided opponent. Our skilled negotiators and litigators help clients resolve disputes effectively and efficiently through mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals at all levels of state and federal courts. We also provide counsel in administrative applications, hearings, and appeals.

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As the acceptance of psychedelic therapies have gained a traction across the medical community, our firm is once again at the forefront in representing clients in this growing area of treatment. Similar to the emerging days of the medical cannabis movement, psychedelic drugs such as MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, ketamine and DMT are being used in new ways while still operating in a complex legal and regulatory environment. The Firm guides researchers, manufacturers, investors, clinicians and other participants around and through the myriad obstacles that result from the patchwork of state and federal laws regulating Schedule I controlled substances. We assist entrepreneurs in forming ventures and developing structures best suited for operation in the psychedelic industry. Once established, clients turn to our regulatory and finance lawyers to assist with operationalizing and funding the enterprise. Our clients benefit from our attorneys’ comprehensive experience in compliance with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) requirements applicable to cannabis and hemp products and their application to best practices in psychedelic therapies.



Other Psychedelics

As many grey markets are now becoming burgeoning regulated industries, the need to protect product marks is paramount. Our Of Counsel have over 30 years of intellectual property experience with a focus on cannabis and hemp trademark prosecution with the united States Patent and Trademark Office. The myriad of allowable branded claims is onerous, but we can help you protect what you have worked so hard to create. A Regulated Cannabis Lawyer for Businesses can advise you on the best method for such protection on the state and federal levels in some of the most challenging emerging markets.







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