Regulated Cannabis and Hemp

Moriconi Flowers handles regulated cannabis business services nationwide and abroad. However, its practice is focused on Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The passage of Pennsylvania’s Act 16 and the prospect of commercial marijuana regulation in New Jersey present opportunities, but also demands extraordinary regulation.  Our attorneys have been practicing in the regulated cannabis space since 2014 – two years prior to passage of Act 16 and are part of the professional wave that is washing over the regulated cannabis industry on the East Coast. 

It has handled business ventures for local companies seeking to move into western U.S. markets for ancillary services such as lighting, industrial manufacturing, and equipment sales. It also handles local ancillary companies that seek to serve the regulated entities in every state. 

The Firm formed and opened the first medical marijuana dispensary in Philadelphia, Restore Integrative Wellness Center LLC. It also wrote and won a grower/process permit in the Southeast Region of Pennsylvania, DocHouse LLC.  It also handles permitting for groups of investors, companies, and private individuals in Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, including applications for federal research.  From licensing, permitting, real property acquisition, zoning, community support strategies, corporate team building and governance, business structure formation, and compliance – our attorneys form the building blocks for long-term successful cannabis entities.

The emerging hemp market is drawing a growing trend for development. Proceeding under the protections of state law and the federal Farm Act, our attorneys regularly advise on all aspects of this multi-faceted hemp market.  In a legal landscape that changes day-to-day, we keep a keen handle on the developments that impact your business the most.  Our attorneys regularly lecture on all aspects of this 21st century industry slated to grow by tens of billion in the coming years.