Moriconi Flowers, Ltd. Provides Comprehensive Mediation Services for your Divorce or Dispute.

We believe that it is vital to provide our clients with full range of options for resolving their disputes. We offer expert mediation and alternative dispute resolution services so that our clients can choose approaches most suitable to their individual needs.

While mediation has traditionally been used to resolve divorce, custody and other family law matters, it is an increasingly popular way of addressing elder care, neighborhood, employer/employee, parent/adolescent and landlord/tenant disputes.

Mediations facilitated by Moriconi Flowers, Ltd. create satisfying solutions tailored to address the needs and expectations of all parties. Our attorney mediators bring a wealth of mediation training to the table, as well as over 30 years of combined law practice.

Mediators do not make or force decisions on any party, nor do they provide legal advice. Our highly trained mediators provide the facilitation of respectful conversation between parties and alternate ways of viewing issues. Finally, we provide professional assistance in drafting mutually satisfying agreements and resolutions that result from our mediation session. Promoting the amicable resolution of issues and fostering the improvement of communication between parties is an extremely cost effective way of managing a wide range of difficult situations, as it avoids the burdensome expense and stress of litigation. Additionally, it allows the parties to create their own resolutions, rather than be constrained by Court-ordered outcomes.

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