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Complex Trial Experience in Class Action Lawsuits

At Moriconi Flowers, our civil litigation practice extends beyond the resolution of disputes between our client and an opponent. We also litigate on behalf of consumers, employees, small businesses and any other identifiable group whose legal claims have enough in common to support certification as a class. A “class action” is a case brought by an individual or small group on behalf of a larger number of people who have been harmed by the same wrongful conduct. Class certification allows claimants to achieve justice in situations where individual lawsuits may not be economically justified, but where common legal and factual issues can justify handling the case on behalf of a large group in a single case under state or federal class action rules.

Hundreds or Thousands of People Might Have Claims Just Like Yours

If you suspect that you are not the only one with grounds for legal action, contact Moriconi Flowers to learn about your litigation options for either a freestanding lawsuit or a class action. With trial attorneys aggregating nearly 50 years of litigation experience, our attorneys have the depth and range of experience necessary to identify opportunities for class certification and to manage the complex logistics of class action litigation.

Examples of the kinds of cases that might be suitable for class certification include:

  • Employee wage and benefit claims
  • Age, race or sex discrimination claims
  • Consumer fraud claims
  • Antitrust or unfair competition claims concerning prize-fixing or tie-in arrangements
  • Claims against public or private utilities for fraudulent billing practices
  • False or misleading advertising claims or claims for manipulative business practices
  • Cybersecurity breaches and failure to safeguard private, personal identification, financial or medical information

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